The ḫÆart ʁe√olutiΩɲ

There are two fundamentally different stories about life and your role in it. One starts with the big bang and tells us that we and the universe are complex machines. The other, nearly forgotten story, starts with your heart.

And if you believe your heart is a pump, you are in for a big surprise. Your heart is not what you think it is ...

A new era {=cycle/wave/epoch} is beginning right now. Whether it turns out to become paradise for you and humanity might depend on which story you will choose to guide your life.


What if embodying your full potential begins
with realizing
your heart is
not a pump?


Our poetic science documentary takes you on an impressionistic journey through human life, playfully exploring what our heart is all about.

From before the first heartbeat to beyond the last. From before the big bang {≈cosmic ˈsistəlē} to beyond the end of the universe {≈cosmicˌdīˈastlē}.

When scientists demonstrate how blood keeps circulating in a 3 day old chick embryo, although the heart was stopped, Dr. Zheng Li summarizes his seven years research as: "Something other than the heart is driving the blood circulation."

Now the question is, 'What's the role of the heart?'

Very few people know that there is substantial scientific evidence that the idea 'our heart is a pump' is flawed and needs a thorough reinvestigation. A redefinition of the heart's function could lead to new health approaches and improve the quality of life of millions of people around the globe.

Even more so, as this film shows, it might fundamentally reframe our view on topics like pregnancy and birth,  education, consciousness, love and relationships, our connection to our planet, peace, health, disease, dying, and many other aspects of our lives.

And shows you how near-unimaginably powerful and beautiful you are, have been, and always will be. And how we might even have a chance to live in paradise again soon :-)

We are working on our official trailers. Meanwhile enjoy some impressions of what we are working on.

{*Dr. Li and we feel bad that chick embryos had to be used. We filmed the last experiment. No additional chick embryos had to be used to shoot this film. Dr. Li no long er experiments with chick embryos. And we suggest that the mysteries of the whole cosmos can be studied by focusing your consciousness into the 'tiny space in your heart' [as the Upanishads tell]}



Ancient stories from around the world tell us that we once lived in paradise here on earth. A state of harmony with ourselves and each other {= humans, animals, and nature.}

Most people today believe that if we invent and use more technologies, we'll soon have the life we long for. Yet despite ever-increasing technification, seemingly more and more people struggle with war, poverty, loneliness, chronic disease, and other heart-breaking situations.

           What if our journey back to paradise begins with realizing that our heart is not a pump?

But we might not have much time left. Some notable experts warn us that GRAIN technologies [Genetic, Robotic, Artificial Intelligence, Nano] likely lead to the end of humanity as we know it.

Who will we become once we start modifying our brains and bodies with these technologies?

And what if all technologies ever invented are an unconscious attempt to imitate something nature has already given us, but we forgot how to use it?


We are working on our official trailers. In the meanwhile enjoy some impressions of our work-in-progress.

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This is a film those who haven't lost their childlike ability to be awed delighted by the wonders and mysteries of life. If, over the years, this curiosity and openness has stiffened, then you might have some strong reaction to what you'll see in this movie.

But no need to worry. The more you relax and allow reality to be different than what you were taught it should be, the more flexibility, curiosity and delight will come back into your life :-)

We neither claim to deliver all the answers nor do we claim to deliver the final or full truth. First and foremost we want to entertain you with a story that, we believe, has the potential to get us closer to what is called paradise, or heaven on earth or however you want to call that state.

But of course, it all depends on what you will do with this story. We invite you to investigate as much as possible by first hand experience!


We feel this is a good time to explore the purpose of our hearts before we are convinced that evolution means merging with machines and becoming humachines.

A century ago, Rudolf Steiner, the founder of biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf education, and anthroposophic medicine, made a curious statement. He said, to take the next step in our evolution, we have to realize that our heart is not a pump. Although not about him or his work, our film delivers evidence of why he might have been right.

Despite these perhaps sci-fi-esque concerns, our hearts play a profound role in every aspect of our lives, not just in the blood circulation.

Once you start grasping the implications of the story that begins with your heart, your worldview, your self, and your life will never be the same. And maybe you'll even find your way 'back' to paradise.

& Çast

Our movie is structured into eight archetypal chapters of life. We start with the one that is sadly often the last for most people: Dis-ease.
Then we look at Shift, Love, Birth, School, Earth, Death, and Rebirth.

We follow the lead characters and explore what role the heart plays in those stages of life.


A young surgeon in New Delhi prepares for an open heart surgery on a senior woman. She feels unease and her biggest wish is to be able to be with her family again and go to her temple.

The surgeon operates on the century-old and worldwide accepted idea "Everything we call soul or consciousness, all emotions, everything is happening in the brain. The sole function of the heart is to keep the circulation going."

He and his team will have to stop the patient's heart to work on it. The heart's function will be taken over by a heart-lung machine.

Two scientists wrap up an experiment that seems preposterous: although the heart in a chicken embryo was stopped - the blood flow continues.

Meanwhile a medical doctor, who has investigated whether the heart is a pump or not for nearly 40 years explains why it is absurd to believe the heart is a pump.

If the heart is not pumping blood, then what does it do? Why do we have a heart?


"It's been proposed by some that we've discovered pretty much everything. This is so wrong. There's so much that we need to know especially in areas of consciousness." [Prof. Dr. Pollack]

While making the film we discovered an interesting underlying motif.

All of our experts with many years of in-depth academic training, at one point in their lives, encountered ideas that were outside the worldview that they had studied and took for granted.

They had to make a decision. Either turn away and ignored these ideas, or be open to the possibility that life was bigger than what they were taught.

All of them choose to embark on the hero's journey into the unknown and found something unexpected ...

... that might change how we view and interact with every aspect of our life and the universe.


"The most important things in life are invisible and the heart operates in this invisible world."

"What if we are reflections of a greater reality? The part longs to know the whole. The individual longs to experience the source from which we came and that source is not some abstract impersonal reality described by mathematics, physics or biology, but that source, its quality, has something to do with this mystery we call love."

"In a love relationship there's something more important than what I want. And something even more important than what my beloved wants. There is now something, it's not two but in a sense it's three. And the third, in a way is huge, infinite, and we begin to participate in a oneness. You see, oneness is not something abstract, it's not just a vague unity that homogenises everything. This oneness is beautiful because we're resonating with each other."


"Ancient wisdom through indigenous cultures, for eons have believed that we're consciousness coming in. It's understood it's a sacred journey from Spirit to human. And the way that babies are greeted is important."

"From our pre and perinatal understanding of how conscious babies are, I think we're discovering a lot about how to awaken the heart from the beginning of life."

"Babies are more conscious in some ways than we are, because they're functioning in two worlds very consciously, flipping back and forth between their transcend self and this little human body and human self. And that self relationship to me is of primary importance."

"The most important thing is that mom and baby and dad are connected to each other. This is what babies want. Connection, and it's a heart connection. It's not a brain connection."


Like most kids Milli is not a big fan of going to school.

"There's a lot of frustration having to do more homework after just being in school for so long. And she describes school as being very challenging just in not the good challenge kind of way."

But she got very excited when her best friend learned a seemingly impossible skill at a private program. She wanted to learn that too.

"It's really not miraculous. All children can do this. There is a coherence that happens between the heart and the brain once we quite the brain with the blindfold."

Milli describes how it is for her to enter her heart "It feels like I'm diving into a pond of light. But at the same time, it feels like it's getting darker and darker. But then at the very end, it feels really, really light and bright.


As with everything else in life there are different opinions on what our planet is.

Most people were taught it is a piece of rock, meaninglessly circling the sun. And by random chance it turned out it had everything for humans to emerge and thrive.

"We now have this global system for measuring the Earth's magnetic fields. I'll keep my science hat on here. It's kind of metaphorically like measuring the heart rhythms and brainwaves of planet Earth. As it turns out it may not be a metaphor but I'll keep it at that. For now." [Dr. McCraty]

They first thought it was an error when they discovered how our hearts are connected with the earth's magnetic field.

The implications for this connection sound stranger than fiction. And it builds a bridge between modern science and the worldview of our indigenous older siblings.


Although this chapter of our lives is unescapable [unless you believe that one day you can make a digital copy of yourself], few of us really want to talk, think and feel about this. Death.

After years of cancer Anita's organs stopped working and she fell into a coma.

But, as many other people have discovered before, death wasn't the end, but the chance for a new beginning.

During the coma she encountered her dad and communicated, beyond words, with pure emotions. The love she experienced changed her life in seemingly impossible ways.

What if heaven on earth, or paradise, is not a place but a state of being?


Most of us want to life in peace and health. Support each other and have a long and joyful life. Is this just a silly dream?

Or is it possible that we could live in what is described in ancient stories as paradise?

Maybe the way to get 'back' there starts with your heart and not with our minds?

Ancient scriptures from India tell some strange things about your heart.

There is a tiny space within your heart and it is shimmering by it's own light. What is in this space you want to know?

Something so beautiful and so big. Something you have always longed for ...

The ḫÆart ʁe√olutiΩɲ

A new era has begun.

It's the era
of the heart.

{from 'cogito ergo sum'[= 'I think therefor I am'] to 'I feel therefore I am'

& ɔh∆nge


In our film you'll discover ground-breaking new research from the renowned Heartmath institute. They have been developing innovative programs to transform health, wellness and performance based on Heart Rate Variability since nearly three decades.

These are some of their clients using Heartmath techniques to improve the quality of life of their members, employees and communities they serve.

Thank you for opening my eyes, mind and heart as an allopathic doctor. this is better than medical school by far!!! you are changing lives and saving lives…. a true blessing…


Hearing all of this is a life changing experience for me. I feel so supported.
I didn’t know this is possible. Thank you!!!!!!!!!


I am a RN and I work in the Cardiac Cath Lab taking care of these patients with heart disease. The more I work in allopathic medicine the more beauty and promise I see in natural medicine!  Bravo for your wonderful work- I love it!  


I attend a lot of summits. The Heart Revolution is a step above. There are so many outstanding speakers and SO much fabulous, implementable information.  


I have been watching many “summits” in the last few months […] This “summit” in particular has touched me to my core. This is what “health care” should be!


Absolutely fascinating! Wonderful to see and hear great new discoveries. Love to all & thank you for sharing with us. Im very honoured to be here to see this amassing news.


Enlightening and important stuff.


Just this one clip is prompting me to buy the series…
the truth and wisdom is palpable.


Thank you Ilarion Merculieff. It was so nice to listen to you and to learn there are still a few people in this world who are truly spiritual ( not fake spiritual) and still hold to the old ways!


Thank you for this wonderful summit ! it’s the best i’ve ever attend, all the speakers  where amazing, all my questions where answered , i learned so much,i hope and wish that every single person on this planet can listen and learn …


Loved it. Great speakers and so many different experts. I was amazed that the heart is not a pump and that children learn form other older children more that fromadults. Fascinating!


Your creation of a series for all that is important about our hearts is phenomenal in its content. Your summit is the quintessential swat team for saving our own lives, and I would rephrase your title in just this way – Saving your life through your heart.


Fourth phase water and the flow of blood (water) due to
light … fascinating! Great presentation!


Laura Koniver, M.D. discussion on grounding was the best talk I’ve heard
on any summit over the past year.


Thomas Corwan had a most impressive talk and explained that the heart is no longer
thought of as a pump. You brought a lot of important knowledge to many.


The presenters and topics were fantastic in their diversity and knowledge. I learned and appreciated all that was provided. LOVED this program. Thank you to all involved!!


Thank you, Razi and Benedikt, for putting this wonderful program together. I really enjoyed the speakers I watched. May we move into this revolution! Namaste!


Excellent information that everyone should
know – ESPECIALLY doctors! Thank you.


I just continue to be amazed at the High Quality of the Speakers and the relevant value of the content presented in this forum! Just cannot Thank You enough for the Heartfelt Love and Thoughtfulness of these presentations!


Thank you so much for this ! I HAD to purchase the Heart Revolution just because I loved what I heard on this talk 🙂 All the best to you and everyone being part of this Heart Revolution …


Thank you so much for this wonderful seminar. So inspiring and it touched my heart and renewed my goals to improve my health and widen my social connections.


This was very eye-opening. Thank you! Radical is the right word. Helping others understand this this concept will take a lot of work. Thanks for this Summit.



30,000+ participants have already discovered how to heal, empower & enlighten your heart in our free online event.

Get instant access to 60+ experts who share their insights about your heart's physical, emotional, and spiritual function and potential.
Heart disease could be a thing of the past - but this is just the beginning of The Heart Revolution.

Our experts have been featured in ...



Over the decades, we gathered a considerable amount of dogma-breaking, mind-boggling, and quality-of-life-enhancing research and insights on the heart and it's relationship to all aspects of our lives and the universe. In this documentary we can only show you a tiny little bit of our findings.

To paint the 'big picture' we use a cross-media storytelling approach. That means you'll find other puzzle pieces in the scrapbook [our online journal], our free online event, a book, a course, music, an app, the second and third part of the documentary trilogy, and an upcoming series.

This is just the beginning of a journey that will take you beyond the limits of your deepest conditioning ;~}

{if you are curious and ... enough to embark on a journey to explore this 'new heart world' :?

If you look into the actual physiology and mechanics of it, it's amazing really that we've gone so many hundreds of years thinking the heart is a pump.

thomas cowan, m.d.

medical doctor investigating whether the heart is a pump or not since 40 years
author of 'human heart, cosmic heart' and several other books

It really makes all the difference in the world whether the baby stayed in the [mothers] heart field. A lot of people call it skin to skin and I call it heart to heart.

dr. wendy anne mccarty

Pioneer in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology
author of the book 'Welcoming Consciousness'

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Martin Luter

Fashion Designer



To give you another taste of what you'll discover in our movie here are  a few quotes that we find inspiring.


Our vision is to have paradise on earth {again}. For us that means that we all {plants, animals, humans} live together {in harmony} based on healthy, heartfelt connections with ourselves and each other, despite all our [seemingly[ differences.

Our mission {and our humble contribution to that 'end=beginning'} is to …

1) Increase awareness that the century-old dogma 'Our heart is a pump' idea needs to be thoroughly reviewed.

2) Ignite a discussion about the function and potential of our hearts regarding fundamental aspects of human life.

3) Inspire people to improve their heart health & activate the full potential of their hearts.

4) Encourage teachers to implement easy-to-use, no-cost approaches to increase the heart connection with and between their students and earth.

5) Collect, preserve, and present indigenous & ancient knowledge and wisdom about our hearts from around the world.

If you like our vision & mission and want to get involved, we'd love to hear from you!

The ḫÆart ʁe√olutiΩɲ

There are always
at least two perspectives
on any story.

{because we live in a three dimensional world ;~}'

Don't Belieƒ
& ex¶erienÇe

There are always at least two perspectives on any given subject/topic/story. {because we live in a three-dimensional world ;-}

Most of the stories we present can be investigated by you at home. We invite and encourage you to have your own experience. Without your personal experience, you can only believe or doubt what we {and others} tell you. Having your own experience will take you beyond belief and doubt.
We like to propose that real knowledge is based on personal experience.
So, happy exploring :D

Here are things you can easily do at home that can help you reconnect to your heart's and earth's intelligence and intuition. We'd love to hear about your experiences.

We also prepare an citizen science research project that explores how you can use HRV [Heart Rate Variability and other personal cycles] to get in sync with natural earth and cosmic cycles. This might lead to elevated physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



"If you look into the actual physiology and mechanics of it, it's amazing really that we've gone so many hundreds of years thinking the heart is a pump."

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart / Thomas Cowan, M.D.

Dr. Furst’s academic book presents scientific evidence that do not fit the standard pressure-propulsion mold [the century-old idea that the heart is 'pump'].

The Heart and Circulation / Branco Furst, M.D.

The HeartMath Institute has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools that help people improve their emotional balance, health and performance.

Heart Intelligence / Childre, Martin, Rozman, McCraty

"From our pre and perinatal psychology understanding of how conscious babies during pregnancy, I think we're discovering a lot about how to awaken the heart from the beginning of life."

Welcoming Consciousness / Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., RN

This book defines criteria for human emotional and spiritual maturity and exposes the emotional-based distortions of essentially every system of thought in human history. If we are emotional beings at the core, this changes everything.

enheartenment / Daniel Barron

An unbelievable account of the power of fear, love, healing, and a fascinating story about emotions as an underlying force in our lives.

Dying to be me / Anita Moorjani

Not in His Image delves deeply into ancient Gnostic writings to reconstruct The Fallen Goddess Sophia narrative and it’s relevance for guiding humanity into a future in harmony with earth.

Not in His Image / John Lamb Lash

World renowned scientist, Dr. Gerald Pollack, takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity. It is also the basis to understanding the heart and circulation.

The fourth phase of water / Gerald H. Pollack, Ph.d., prof.

What is life? Visionary maverick Irv Dardik introduces his discovery of SuperWaves, a phenomenon that we experience as matter, space, time, motion, energy, order and chaos. And how your heart is key to reconnecting to these waves to bring health.

The Nature of Nature / Irving Dardik

Inside our hearts there is a tiny lotus-like abode, shimmering with it's own light. The self is hidden there and so much more. What is inside this abode? The biggest mystery of the whole creation ...

The Upanishads / Eknath Easwaran

Drawing on ideas from Joseph Campbell and Mircea Eliade, this exploration of the myth of Paradise combines religion, literary criticism, anthropology, archaeology, and mythology into a new vision that makes it meaningful for our modern world.

Memories and Visions of Paradise / Richard W. Heinberg

After Frank retired at age 60 he felt the urge to go back to college to learn about Gothean sciences. Fascinated and inspired he discovered things that some expert think will get him the Nobel price one day. The underlying geometry of the human heart and much more ...

A New Sacred Geometry / Seth T. Miller


These are a few books that inspired us to start the Heart Revolution project. When you focus on the question 'Why do we have a heart?' while diving into these resources, you'll end up with a worldview that is stranger and more beautiful than any fiction.

Te@m &

Without the support of our wonderful crowdfunding backers, this film would not have seen the light of day. We are forever grateful that you helped us create this film and maybe even ignite a peaceful heart rEvolution!
And we hope you feel good about what you helped to birth!

The team behind this documentary consists of newcomers and professionals who have worked on Oscar-nominated and Sundance-winning films. For us, this is not just another movie to get to the 'market'. For us, this is a passion, heart & soul project that is only the first part of a trilogy and hopefully more films along the line of themes and motifs portrayed in this documentary.


If you like our vision and mission and want to support us in any way - that would be immensely wonderful and motivating :D

Our documentary trilogy is fiscally sponsored by The Film Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization supporting filmmakers in bringing independent movies to the world.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to our films via The Film Collaborative.

We are also looking for collaborations with organizations, researchers, indigenous wisdom carriers, artists, and anyone interested in co-creating a more healthy and heartful world.

Let's get together and make a big heart wave :❥

The ḫÆart ʁe√olutiΩɲ

Let's get together
and ignite the Heart rEvolution
what got us so far does no longer work.

The ḫÆart ʁe√olutiΩɲ

What if your heart is ...